Data Cabling

data cabling and networking local area network (lan) setup cat 5, cat 6 and fibre optic

new wiring, re-wiring, upgrading networks testing, tagging, fault finding patch panels, comms cabinets cable management systems switches, modems, support

data networking or local area networks are the best way of connecting and sharing resources within premises either application in small or large office, home office or commercial office. lan allows any number of individuals to share and use one internet connection simultaneously without waiting in a queue or any disturbances. network users can be separated in groups and can be tolled users can also share one or many printers, can be allocated certain pcs or can be disallowed from accessing certain files or have exclusive rights to other certain files or programmes.

networks are made of many components some include dedicated servers and all have switches of hubs. access to internet will require a connection from a service providore and a modem which will also allow access to e-mail as well.