cctv is a very effective way to monitor property, equipment or staff for self protection or the protection of assets.

be sure and be safe prevent break-ins, attacks or vandalisms.
recording are water-marked and can be used as evidence for prosecution. video’s are stored on internal hard drives from 250G to 6TB of memory which will allow a storage of up to 6 months or more.

cctv is used in domestic, commercial and industrial cases. with remote viewing as an option, it’s a matter of connecting the recorder to existing internet then protecting the family home, the kids in the pool, the cash register, the factory walls, or the farm implements has never been easier than this, it’s just click and view.

cameras range from fixed or vari-focal lenses to ptz to ip cameras which can be linked up to dvr (digital video recorder) or server which in turn will water-mark and record on a range of stand alone or pc based dvrs. images can be streamed live over the internet and can be viewed on most smart phones.

videos are stored on internal hard drives hard drive sizes range from 250G to 6TB videos are saved directly to hard drive and can be chosen to be detected by motion which allows the recording time bracket to be lengthened and the incident search made simpler and less time consuming videos are also water-marked for evidentiary use and are easily uploaded to disk or usb for transfer or long time storage