Access Control

access control and intercom including finger print readers, swipe cards or proximity readers, pin entry, remote control entry, audio intercoms, black and white or colour intercoms, digital intercoms, electronic door strikers, electronic magnetic latches.

acces control uses range from houses to apartment buildings, small office to multi level corporation, storage lot to industrial warehouse

access control is one of the physically preventative service offered by tdst. readers and strikers stop unwanted access to property from evicted tenants to ex-employees or just intruders.

equipment can be installed internal as well as external as they can be weather proof and some are vandal resistant.
card readers are a commonly used in lifts and connected in conjunction with lift controllers to lock floors and disallow users to access floor out of their intended floors.

keyless entry and securing your premises can be achieved inexpensively and via linking various elements of access control to alarm and all services supplied by tdst